Pomponio State Beach Styled Photo Shoot

Written by Brenna


Date: Jan 17 2018

Theme: Modern Boho Beach

Floral color palette: muted tropical 

Flowers Used: english roses, protea, ranunculus, scabiosa, mixed eucalyptus & fern

Floral Items Seen: large spray bridal bouquet, groom boutonniere, mixed greenery garland on arbor & table

Fellow Vendors: LUX Rental Decor, Kate's Captures Photography, JJ Bridal

Models: Magdalena & Kellen


Picture this: a white Denali filled to the brim with 9ft long brass pipes, wooden crates filled with tools & supplies, buckets with fresh flowers, chairs, fragile decorative lanterns, and two very caffeinated girls in the front seats singing along to Spice Girls.

5 months pregnant, Samantha had been scrambling around all morning putting together the pieces for our photo shoot that afternoon. We have a detailed itinerary for the day. She picks me up at 10:30am (our departure time) and tells me there’s been a delay on some of our pick-ups that we need before leaving town. By the time we actually leave its  11:30am. Sam tells me that she had some weird pregnancy pains the day before, and jokingly says her and I may have some serious bonding if I end up having to deliver her baby that day. 

We get to Pescadero Beach a few minutes before 1pm, and very quickly realize we may need to find another spot.


This beach was rocky, sometimes steep, heavily covered in foliage, the sun was painfully bright, annnnnd there were 3 field trip busses worth of children running around. I had spotted a beach area about a mile back down the road, and thankfully Sam and our vendors all trusted me in deciding to switch to that location instead. 

Around this time we realize Nick of Lux Rentals misplaced his keys to his truck (holding all of the heavy furniture), so while he was on the phone with AAA we made a few trips back forth to the next location to drop off and set up our scene. 


Pomponio Beach. The second location was *raises hands in the air* so perfect for our vision for the shoot. Soft, flat, grayish sand beaches juxtaposed by large, dark drift wood that seemed to be placed so gently. A stream trickled slowly through our ‘ceremony’ set. Over near the waters edge, basketball sized fluffs of sea foam lined the beach to make the most barefoot-hippie fashion runway you ever did see. On the north side of the beach was a small grassy hill with a lookout point just high enough to give you a view of the disappearing beach and cliffs in the distance.

To my own personal demise, my outfit choice of the day included my knee-high Doc Martens, because you know... ‘they can handle any terrain!’ Wrong. So wrong. Know what they can’t handle? Sand! Nevertheless, we were all so excited by the scenery, our lovely models, the flowers, the decorations, that we powered through the next couple hours of set up. 

Our gracious photographer Kate seized our time-delays and trekked those models every which way around the beach and nearby hills. 


The sunlight through the fog was really the kicker of the day. The soft light kept getting better and better, and finally peaked around 4pm. However, we knew this meant the light would very quickly be turning into dusk. We wrapped up and began to carry everything back to the parking lot. The light is dimming, we realize Nick still hasn’t recovered his truck keys. The prospect of making all those trips with equipment back to his car is daunting, as is our 2.5hr drive home, and his phone battery is dead. We bundle up, Sam hands out snacks, and we wait while Nick's phone charges in her car. Its starting to get really dark, the 2 or 3 cars left in the parking lot are preparing to leave.


Its at this moment, Sam’s Denali battery dies. Just as we start to panic over the prospect of being stranded at a dark beach for at least a few more hours, Nick calls a nearby friend who has jumper cables and knows how to use them! Shivering and eternally grateful, we almost want to cry. 

As Sam and I get in the car to leave she says, “I think I saw a British pub on our way here, can you look it up?” and then something about soup, and I almost dropped my phone trying to look it up as fast as possible. We pull into Cameron’s Restaurant parking lot and theres a red double decker bus with red neon lights lining the top.


Through the fogged up windows you can see a table with diner condiments, and hear the laughter of some drunk locals. Yep, this is definitely the place for us. We walk in and we are so wind-blown, sticky from the salty air, tired and sore and cold,  we both quickly decided on the same meal: side of clam chowder, a grilled cheese, and an order of fries. Sam jokes that a lot of things went sideways today but at least I didn’t have to deliver her baby. To which I replied, “I’ve been through just enough today, bitch I’m ready.” We laughed and stuffed our faces.

All in all if nothing else, it was a great story. But not only was it one heck of a day, our amazing photographer Kate captured just what we all wanted. The photos came out great and all of our combined efforts really show in the photos & made every second of the day worth it.

Stay tuned for more blogs about our photo shoots, weddings, and events!