Bride's Day Out


The sun is shining through spurts of rain clouds, coffee pot is brewing, the Loft is empty besides me sitting upstairs at my desk after a long weekend. A pair of ladies walk past, and they stop to look at our greenery arbor. They peek in the doorway, and ask if we’ll have seeded eucalyptus on a regular basis. 

On Saturday we took part in downtown Brentwood’s “Bride’s Day Out” Fair, an event where the street is blocked off and bride’s and their tribes roam freely as they search for vendors to hire for their big day. Inside our shop at 238 Oak Street, we hosted the lovely ladies of Blush Salon, Sweet Little Details, and Sweet Saneets! We decorated to high-heaven with the green arbor at the entrance, themed & styled table settings, floral arrangements, hand written logo on a canvas tapestry, chalkboard calligraphy signage, all on top of having just rebranded (changed our business name) the week prior. Hectic to say the least! For instance: After a few days of confusion and a lengthy series of phone calls to a shipping company, the business cards we created for our rebrand (to hand out at BDO) had to be picked up at 7pm in Benecia on Friday evening. *breathing heavily meme*

The wind that day was a nightmare, too. Our hearts were racing as we listened to our neighbor’s signs crash on the ground, and as we watched our arbor take the occasional dip. But despite the chaos, we were so excited to see everything come together! Our new window decal with our new company name, new information booklets, new business cards... Change can be a little bumpy sometimes, but at least we can look good doing it ;) 


The crowds that came through that afternoon were so sweet (I’m sure our complimentary champagne and donut holes didn’t hurt!), and it was great to meet so many new faces. It sounded like there were a lot of fall weddings this year! Thank you for coming to see us, & we are looking forward to working with you on your big day. <3

Here are some photos I took during the event: