Meet The Team

Sam & Syd is inspired first by the friendship between Samantha and her cousin Sydney. Sydney's sudden passing in 2011, as well as the legacy she left, spurred Sam into making the jump and seizing her dream in creative entrepreneurship.   With the soon welcome of Sam's first child, fondly named after her dearest friend and cousin, from the company known previously as Premier Floral & Event Loft comes the rebirth of this brand: Sam & Syd.


Samantha Hartshorn-Santos & Sydney Santos

Owner, Creative Director

Samantha graduated from the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising of San Francisco with a degree in Visual Communications. She aspired to create a career for herself that would allow her to use her talents and expertise, so Premier Floral and Event Loft was born and Sam entered the events industry eager and motivated to launch her little company in 2013. Now Sam just had her baby & the reason behind Sam & Syd! And with the updated look of her new downtown Brentwood shop, Premier got a face lift and rebranded, which we are excited to introduce to the community as Sam & Syd, staying true to it's creator and honoring her soon-to-arrive new sidekick, Sydney. Sam and her husband Steve have been together since they were teenagers, and live in Brentwood with their five puppies. Sam's favorite things are traveling, Moscow Mules, flowers, shopping and Steve (maybe not in that order!) and on days off, you can find them spending time with family and friends, taking the boat out on the Delta, finding new restaurants or playing with their nieces and nephews. As owner and creative director of Sam & Syd, Samantha manages and oversees all operations along with the event planning and floral design. Sydney Santos is here & born May 22nd, 2018 and the now the mascot of the clan. Sydney is cuter than ever, healthy as can be and one day ready to follow in mommy's footsteps!


Taylor Plummer

Event Coordinator & Designer

Sam and Taylor met planning a baby shower for Sydney, who was also Tay's sister-in-law. They had an immediate connection and have been best friends since then. Taylor is our lead planner, managing all the logistics of our events with Sam. As a mom to two adorable girls, Reese and AJ, she puts her motherly herding skills to the test every weekend coordinating our events, with plenty of hilarity and personality. She keeps us laughing here in the Loft, always making sure no one takes anything too seriously. Taylor is obsessed with her husband Chris, loves momming her girls, two furry dogs and two naked cats. She also is Grey's Anatomy fan, loves to travel, shop, ride bikes with her fam, and float in the pool with a cocktail in her hand.

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Vanessa Hargis

Floral Designer

Vanessa and Samantha have been friends since high school, and has a creative background as a makeup artist. Vanessa has been officially on board since October 2016, taking care of our daily floral orders and helping lead the floral design of Sam & Syd. As the jack of all trades that she is, Vanessa also does stunning bridal makeup, and is co-owner of a chic online clothing boutique. We love her passion for design and how she implements her creativity into our flowers.